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Automobile Registration

Automobile Registration : Sale→Registration(Gu Office)→Discard

Automobile Registration

  • You must obtain a temporary permit since you cannot operate automobile unless you have registered it to Automobile Registry.
  • In addition, the modification of acquisition and loss of ownership of automobile is effective only after the registration.

Temporary Operation

  • Temporary operation must be done within permission period(10 days) for temporary operation indicated on temporary permit and temporary number, and if the permission period has passed, fine less than 1 million won will be charged.

New Registration

  • Handled in City and Gun Offices → Execute within temporary operation period (10 days) → Apply for registration → Pay the registration fee → Issued automobile registration card → Attach number plate → Seal → Operate
  • Driver who wants to register automobile newly, apply new automobile registration.

Required Documents for New Registration

  • Application for New Registration
  • Temporary Permit and Temporary Number Plate
  • Automobile Manufacture Certificate or Import License
  • Inspection Certificate of Automobile Checking(Completion)

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