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Administration : Nature! Tradition! Harmonizes today. YANGSAN - Yangsan Culture Art hall

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Thank you for visiting the homepage of Yangsan City.

Mayor Na Dong-yeon

Yangsan has many cultural heritages and spirit of forefathers such as Tongdo-sa (temple) which is one of 3 temples with treasures in Korea and Silla burial grounds, and boasts beautiful natural sceneries such as royal azaleas and sun rising, Chunsung-san (Mt.) famous for Hwaeom-neup (swamp), Naewonsa Valley which is called the second Gungang-san (Mt.).

Furthermore, Yangsan is a transportation hub close to large cities like Busan, Ulsan and Yangsan is a business town where 1,400 companies are concentrated providing the best environments for businesses by preparing sites for factories and providing various tax benefits.
Yangsan is becoming a city of medical service and medical education since large-sized new towns are being constructed as well as Busan University Hospital with advanced medical facilities, hospital specialized for children and Busan University Medical School, Graduate School specialized in Korean Traditional Medicine. Yangsan is developing as a city that is livable and happy by creating parks and forests in mountains and rivers, and downtown and continuously expanding infrastructures for culture, arts and sports.

I hope that the website of Yangsan will help you to understand our city more and obtain many useful information and hope to be in touch with you.

Thank you for your support and attention.

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