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Introduction on Yangsan : Nature! Tradition! Harmonizes today. YANGSAN - Hwaeom swamp

Organization Chart of the City

Organization Chart of the City

Phone Number
Section Phone Number
Yangsan City Mayor


Deputy Mayor


Planning/Budget Officer in Charge


Public Information andInspection Officer Charge


Safety and Public Administration Bureau Safety and Public Administration Division


Tax Division


Accounting Division 055-392-2270
Information and Communication Division 055-392-2340
Economy and Civil Service Bureau Economy Policy Division 055-392-2310
Business Support Division 055-392-2330
Civil Service and Land Registration Division 055-392-2390
Environment Management Division 055-392-2610
Resource Recirculation Division 055-392-2640
Welfare and Culture Bureau Community Livelihood Support Division 055-392-2440
Social Welfare Division 055-392-2490
Women and Family Division 055-392-2510
Culture and Tourism Division 055-392-2540
Education and Sports Division 055-392-2580
Urban Construction Bureau Urban Affairs Division 055-392-2710
Road Division 055-392-2740
Construction and Disaster Prevention Division 055-392-2790
Traffic Administration Division 055-392-2860
Forestry and Park Division 055-392-2890
Urban Development Management Team Urban Development Division 055-392-2940
Public Facility Division 055-392-2980
Construction Division 055-392-3030
One-Stop Civil Service Team 055-392-3070
Phone Number
Section Phone Number
Public Health Center Public Health Business Division 055-392-5110
Public Health and Sanitation Division 055-392-5190
Ungsang Public Health Center 055-392-6910
Agricultural Research Center Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 055-392-5360
Agricultural Research Division 055-392-5320
Water and Sewage Office Water Supply Division 055-392-5410
Sewage Division 055-392-5450
Vehicle Registration Office 055-392-5500
Relics Museum Relics Museum Management 055-392-3310
Relics Museum Facilities 055-392-3321~3
Ungsang Office General Affairs Division 055-392-6110
Community Welfare Division 055-392-6150
Urban Construction Division 055-392-6220
eup, myeon, dong Mulgeum-eup 055-392-7010
Dong-myeon 055-392-7110
Wondong-myeon 055-392-7150
Sangbuk-myeon 055-392-7210
Habuk-myeon 055-392-7250
Jungang-dong 055-392-7310
Yangju-dong 055-392-7450
Samseong-dong 055-392-7350
Gangseo-dong 055-392-7410
Seochang-dong 055-392-6710
Soju-dong 055-392-6750
Pyeongsan-dong 055-392-6810
Deokgye-dong 055-392-6850
Council Executive department 055-392-8600

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