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Introduction on Yangsan : Nature! Tradition! Harmonizes today. YANGSAN - Hwaeom swamp

Sisterhood Cities


Jindo-gun, Jeollanam-do

Basic status and characteristics

  • Located on the edge of southwestern tip of the Korean Peninsula: Warm weather
  • Area : 430㎢
  • 34,412 residents and 15,641 households
  • 230 islands: 45 islands with human habitation and 185 islands without human habitation
  • Administrative districts: 1 eup, 6 myeons and 2 business offices
  • Regional characteristics: Southern painting works, calligraphy, home of southern folk songs, historic war relics to defend the country (Sambyeolcho Resistance Movement, Myeongryang Great Victory), Dedohae Marine National Park, Mysterious Path of the Sea and others
    • 3 treasures: Jindo dog, Chinese matrimony vine, and stone seaweed
    • 3 enjoyments: Jindo folk music, paintings and writings, and red wine
  • Homepage of Jindo-gun :

Status of exchange

  • On September 17, 1998, this City and Jindo-gun of Jeonnam entered into the historic sisterhood relationship at the grand conference room of Yangsan City Hall to increase the personnel and property exchanges to expand and undertake advancement of both City and Gun as well as the east-west reconciliation.
  • Exchange projects
    • Personal exchanges: Mutual visitation for respective citizens and residents days and festivals, exchange of culture and art organizations, and sisterhood relationship of private sector for cultural center, rotary club, photograph association, schools and others
    • Property exchanges: Mutually establish the direct trade center for special products of both parties for agricultural, livestock, industrial goods and others
    • Others: Installation of sculpture works to commemorate the sisterhood relationship
  • Expected effect
    • Through the mutual exchange of east and west, the parties expect to resolve the regional apathy toward each other, share the strengths in both regions, and structure the mutual cooperative system to seek for joint prosperity.


Honjo-city, Akita-ken

Basic status and characteristics

  • Area: 188.31㎢
  • Warm tropical seasonal wind (clear four seasons)
  • Special products: Manual art crafts, rice (Akibari), traditional wine, excellent cake (rice cake), and seafood product
  • Festivals: Iris Carnival and Fire Work Competition (Home Festival) - Saturday of last week of July
  • Location and how to go: 40 minutes distance from Akita-ken Airport
    Busan - Seoul - Akita - Honjo / Busan - Osaka - Akita - Honjo

Status of exchange

  • Joint the Memorandum for Friendly Exchange: Sep. 25, 1997 ~ Sep. 27.
  • Enter into Friendly Exchange Agreement (Official) : Oct. 9, 1998 ~ Oct. 11.
  • Friendly exchange and trade consultation: Jul. 29, 1999 ~ Aug. 01.
  • Private exchange (JC members)
    • Participating in Honjo City Iris Festival by members and outstanding students in sketch contest in every July
    • Honjo JC members visiting and participating in Korea-Japan Exchange Sketch Contest in May of each year
  • Cultural Exchange Session with Boy's Delegation of Japan: Aug. 1997 ~ Aug. 2001

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